Everyone is discussing the climate, and that's a good thing. It's even better if all of us take action. We're not quite there yet, but the trend is encouraging: there are more and more of us; companies and people who want to take care of the climate. But how can we do that without turning our whole lives upside down? After all, we can't not eat, we can't not do our laundry, we can't not be online - and let's be honest: not travelling is not an option either, whether for business or pleasure.

Fact is: we cannot do nothing if we want to prevent our blue planet from running out of breath. So let's connect your life with the planet's, in good harmony! By purchasing planet & you certificates that offset your CO2 consumption - an equivalent of 8 tonnes per year on average. Whether that is completely or partially, you decide for yourself and your best friend: planet earth.


ton counts.



We design your own personal CO2-neutral routes to your job, to your grandma, to your friends and to dream destinations all over the



Your whole life produces CO2, from washing up to eating cereal for breakfast to using central heating. We can turn your life into a completely climate-neutral one.

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As the size of your company grows, so does your responsibility for the climate - and your good reputation,
as we offset your CO2

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