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We are one step further in

climate protection.

We are an independent start-up company from Hamburg that focuses on one of the most important products of our time: Certificates for voluntary CO2 compensation. Of course, we are not the first to want to bring a breath of fresh air to the climate. But we have learned from the first approaches of others: CO2 compensation must become less complicated and cheaper for everyone, simply part of our everyday life. Because emissions can be significantly reduced today and in the future, but they can hardly be avoided. Nobody wants to go back to the Middle Ages.

So we thought about it and took a big step forward. By starting with ourselves: At planet & you, for example, we deliberately avoid the use of online tools that would be necessary to individually calculate your emission value. Because the power and cooling of the required servers alone, which would have to process this huge amount of data and requests (even those that are not meant seriously), would eat up huge amounts of electricity. - That definitely sounds counterproductive, doesn't it?

We believe there is another way. Our CO2 compensation offers are based on the average values officially published by the Federal Environment Agency; per head, per car, per flight, per household, etc.. And on the idea of solidarity, which says that everyone pays into one pot, even if not everyone lives the same way; some give up meat, others give up flying. Consistent cyclists, however, may live in 120 square metres that need to be heated. Others do their organic thing far from the city, but that's exactly why they need a car. Either way, in the end our calculation works out pretty well, for each of us. And for our planet.

Papa 3

Oliver Richter

CEO & Founder

First my twins came into the world - and as they grew up, the discussions on the table at family dinner: How should we continue with our future when our planet has none? That touches me personally and makes me think. Very thought-provoking, in fact. So I said to myself: words must be followed by deeds and founded planet & you; with the global climate goals in mind, as well as fair prices, transparency and offers that really everyone can integrate into their everyday lives.

Together with an organic network of freelance consultants, experts, IT people and hands-on people, we were able to realise our idea. Because we also have to be clear about one thing: no one can do everything alone. But together we can achieve a lot.


Megan Richter

Co-Founder & Creative Director

How can I realistically imagine my future? I don't know. I am not sure what kind of world I will raise my children in. But what I do know is that I want to be part of the solution, to do something to make this a better world than the one we are currently heading towards.

That is why I am fully committed to actively supporting planet & you and using creative approaches to inspire many people for our service and to get them on board to make our world a better one.

Sven Wille


It's not easy for surfers in Germany. You have to hunt across the entire planet for the best waves in order to be on the board in the most beautiful places in the world - CO2 neutral looks different. As a nature lover, I had to think about how I could continue to pursue my hobby with a clear conscience. That's why I proudly support planet & you as a freelance consultant/volunteer and help wherever I can. To set the course for a green and blue future for all of us.

Nike Adjouri

Research & Analytics

The shift toward a fully sustainable society can't happen fast enough for me. Everyone can help. Starting with yourself by changing your own consumption behavior. Together we can make a big difference. For this reason, I am happy to support planet & you.

Das ist ein Typ mit Bart und weißen Haaren

Markus Haueter

Project supervisor

When my two boys were born, I turned my back on the financial sector. I can't leave the world like this to my boys, or to the next generation for that matter! I told my wife. I am happy to be a part of planet & you. This way I can actively do something for the environment with our like-minded customers. Practically without any effort, everyone can join us.

Das ist ein Typ, der sieht cool aus

Pascal A. Freudenreich

Key Account Manager

With a lot of heart, commitment and passion, I realise climate protection solutions together with our clients and promote climate protection solutions for a more liveable planet for all of us. Together we can change things and tackle the greatest challenge of our time and turn it into an opportunity.