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no one needs

thick air.

Since its birth around 4.5 billion years ago, our planet has already undergone quite a bit of brutal climate change. And each time it has fully recovered from it. No wonder, after all, it has had all the time in the world to cope with global changes caused by extreme cooling or even warming; 10,000 years of rehab - that should be enough. And that's where the problem lies today: the time factor. Or to put it another way: the fact that this climate change is the result of the rapid industrialisation that man set in motion just 250 years ago and has since been driving forward at a proverbial "breath-taking" pace.

What does this tell us? Firstly, that this climate change is man-made, research no longer leaves any doubt about that. It has taken us just 250 years to put so much CO2 into the atmosphere that there is thick air here on planet earth in every respect; between activists and climate deniers, between science and business, between humans and nature. Secondly, what we learn from this - and this should particularly give us food for thought - is that our planet will very probably also survive this acute fever spurt and recover from it, as it did in the billions of years before. Only: it doesn't need us for that, quite the opposite. We need it - in a very cool way.

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