time, to

take a breath

what we do is
worth gold.

By purchasing planet and you certificates, you can offset your CO2 emissions so that you and the planet still have room to breathe in the future. You can be sure: every climate protection project you invest in with our certificates is worth its weight in gold! In other words, every single one is TÜV-inspected and meets the strict so-called Gold Standard, which is also obligatory for the WWF, for example.




a good idea
for everyone.

Given the size of our planet and its more than 7.89 billion inhabitants, what can one person alone do? Sorry, this question does not arise for us. We say quite clearly: Every ton counts! Because that's just the way it is. That's why we offer a really feasible option for every budget and conscience to acquire climate protection certificates. After all, it's the same with CO2 emissions: the sum of all makes the difference.

We design your own personal CO2-neutral routes to your job, to your grandma, to your friends and to dream destinations all over the world.

Your whole life produces CO2, from washing up to eating cereal for breakfast to using central heating. We can turn your life into a completely climate-neutral one.

As the size of your company grows, so does your responsibility for the climate - and your good reputation, as we offset your CO2 consumption!

our projects are

worth their weight in gold.