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Living without emitting CO2 is practically impossible; the German Environment Agency has calculated that on average 8 t/year are emitted by every German citizen. And when you consider how many numerous products you use every day, of which the production alone causes emissions (yes, even the bicycle, the coffee imported from overseas for breakfast, the heating of your home, hot water, etc.), it seems to us that using this average is only fair.




With our "life" certificates you can cover everything in one go - for as long as you want: monthly or yearly!

Annual CO2 offsetting

You can offset your annual CO2 emissions of around 8 tonnes here.

€ 92,00

One-off payment or annual subscription

The annual subscription can be cancelled at any time. The terms and conditions of the offer apply.

Monthly CO2 compensation

You decide how many months you want to offset.

This will offset 0.667 t of CO2 emissions per month.

€ 7,66 monthly

You can cancel at any time. The terms and conditions of the offer apply.

Every one of us unavoidably produces CO2. No matter where you are or what you do, CO2 is produced. Of course, each of us can save CO2 through great ideas and projects, but it is not yet possible that we will no longer produce any CO2. Here you can easily and voluntarily offset CO2 emissions for yourself or your family. You decide whether you want an annual subscription or whether you want to take smaller steps by choosing a monthly subscription. Every contribution and every ton counts.

Here, too, we consciously choose not to use a CO2 calculator and base our calculations on the average 8 tonnes of CO2 emitted yearly by each of us. Simply offset the inevitable!

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