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Short distance

0.409 t of CO2 emissions are offset for a short distance flight.

€ 6,70 per way

Medium distance

0.954 t of CO2 emissions are offset for a medium distance flight.

€ 13,00 per way

Long distance

1.908 t of CO2 emissions are offset for a long distance flight.

€ 24,00 per way

how it works

We enable you to voluntarily offset the CO2 emissions of your flight. Whether you want to make your personal contribution before or after your trip, you decide. You can also give offsetting air travel to other people as a gift. By buying a CO2 certificate, you immediately make your voluntary contribution to your air travel. Here, too, we deliberately refrain from using a CO2 calculator and are guided by the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation, which classifies flight routes as follows:

Short-? Medium? or long haul?

Short distance = distances up to 1500 km
Medium distance = distances over 1500 km up to 3500 km
Long distance = distances over 3500 km up to 7000 km

Simply compensate for the unavoidable!

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