• Project type: Wind farm development
  • Location: India
  • Coordinates: 10.5937°N, 78.9629°E
  • Overview: Creates jobs developing and maintaining wind farms, reducing the use of fossil fuels

summary of the project.

About 70% of India’s electricity is generated by fossil fuels but wind is playing an increasing role in the generation mix.

This bundled wind power project, fully certified by the verified carbon standard, spans various states across India that have traditionally been reliant on fossil fuel generated electricity.

The project plays a vital part in India’s shift towards a low carbon economy by generating electricity from a renewable resource and supplying it to the state grid which contributes to the replacement of coal part in the Indian energy mix.

Key impacts for local communities

  • This project will provide job opportunities for the development and the maintenance of these Wind farms in India;

  • These job opportunities will also generate new training and skills development for local communities;

  • Improvement to the livelihoods of families employed by the projects;

  • Awareness raising among communities of the impacts of climate change and how to mitigate them;

  • Improvement of air quality with the decrease of coal mining to generate electricity, which will lead to the fall of respiratory issues among local communities;

  • Reducing the reliance on energy generation from fossil fuels assisting communities across India to gain access to renewable and sustainable sources of electricity.