• Project type: Efficient cooking stoves
  • Location: Ghana
  • Coordinates: 7.9465°N, 1.0232°W
  • Overview: produce and distribute improved cookstoves in Ghana to reduce deforestation rates

summary of the project.

Nowadays, in developing countries, nearly 3 billion people are cooking daily using traditional polluting biofuels on open fires. Charcoal used for cooking is one of the main causes of deforestation in Africa. The Kumasi Stoves project aims to produce and distribute improved cookstoves in Ghana to reduce the rate of deforestation.

The use of these stoves results in a reduction of fuel wood and charcoal usage, decreasing the dependence on a scarce resource, and also, making savings for the households. Furthermore, reduced smoke emissions from cooking decreases the risk of disease associated with household air pollution, especially for women and children. The project also contributes to the preservation of the environment by reducing contamination.

Key impacts for local communities

  • The improved stoves require less fuel and avoid emissions estimated at about 560 000 tCO2e

  • Improvement of beneficiary well-being: 94.83 % of users confirmed that they were exposed to less smoke;

  • Sustainable and affordable energy for households (96,55% of users confirmed to improve savings);

  • 1 million people positively impacted;

  • Reduced time spent collecting fuel and increased participation in cooperative activities;

  • 224 jobs created for the implementation of the project.