corridor REDD

  • Project type: Reforestation
  • Location: Kenya
  • Koordinaten: 0.0236°S, 37.9062°O
  • Overview: 170,000 hectares of forest to be preserved within Tsavo National Park

summary of the project.

The Kasigau Corridor REDD programme, located in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya, has the main objective of preserving biodiversity whilst developing a local sustainable economy.

The various activities put in place within the scope of the project promote the creation of sustainable companies (five to date) and support the extension of agriculture in arid zones that rely so heavily on the area.

As well as protecting forest area, many jojoba trees have been planted by the project. Jojoba culture has a high business value as its oil is used in the cosmetic industry. For example, the Kasigau Corridor REDD programme has developed a soap company soap is made with jojoba oil and sold within the country (and internationally). Therefore, local biodiversity is preserved while ensuring economic development.

Key impacts for local communities

  • 170,000 hectares of forest are preserved within Tsavo national parcs;

  • More than 50 species are now protected;

  • 90,000 trees are planted ensuring the reforestation of a part of the area;

  • 400 jobs have been created;

  • 120 rangers have been trained to ensure the preservation of the national park;

  • 1,600 scholarships have been provided to children in the area of the project;

  • 5 eco-responsible companies have been created to promote economic development of the area;

  • The Project has been elected as Best Forestry Project (2014) by the Environmental Finance Awards.